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About company

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The Arctic brand that was born in Germany. The company specializes in the production of household refrigeration equipment: freezers and lavers, refrigerators, air conditioners, fans. Our goal is to provide high quality products at an affordable price. At the development stage, specialists have taken into account all the requirements of our region's consumers, namely energy saving, reliability, quiet work of equipment, equipment, a set of basic and additional functions. We also took into account the possible constraints in space and thought out the design to the details, so that the whole technique would fit into the interior of your home organically.

About company

Arctic Areas

Arctic Company focuses not only on the end user, but also on the company. We offer refrigeration equipment for: • home appliance stores; • offices; • companies of the HoReCa direction. You get not only equipment but also high-quality service, as well as official guarantee. We are always in touch and ready to solve any problems and answer all the questions. Arctic Mission: Improving comfort and quality of life, providing high quality and modern technology at affordable prices, contributing to business development in Ukraine.



We create a technique for you to serve for many years, and you can be sure that the equipment will last for a long time by purchasing Arctic refrigeration equipment and you will receive an official warranty of 18 months.


We are constantly developing and implementing the latest innovative technologies to improve the performance of our products. Arctic creates a technology that is just one step ahead of your needs.


We use only environmentally friendly material, does not emit harmful substances at temperature fluctuations, and moreover, cameras have an antibacterial coating that prevents the appearance of mold, odors and bacteria.


We believe in narrow specialization. Arctic does not produce any other products, so all our efforts are aimed at being the best in the market of refrigeration and freezing equipment. We are proud of what we call the Cold Experts


The huge experience and knowledge in the field of refrigeration technology makes it possible to provide you only high quality goods. All the forces of our technical department are aimed at studying a particular industry, which allows us to be professionals in our business.