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General questions

Brand ARCTIC includes the following products: freezers and lari, refrigerators, air conditioners and fans. The company’s goal is to provide high quality products at an affordable price.

Yes, we produce refrigeration equipment for both end-user and business.

Yes, we deliver to other cities of Ukraine by transport companies

Questions on refrigerators

Cellophane packs are not recommended for freezing products. It is also not recommended to use wrapping paper. Frozen food is suitable for food or foil

1. The refrigerator or freezer door was open for a long time
2. The refrigerator or freezer was overloaded with a lot of products
3. The products were warm when loaded in the refrigerator
Check that the refrigerator and camera door closes firmly, maybe some product prevents dense closure.
Try to put in the refrigerator only the products, without excessive packaging. The integrated technology calculates the approximate weight of the products and sets the freezing mode itself.

It is not recommended to put warm or hot products in the fridge. You need to cool them beforehand.

So, among our assortment there are models with the function of automatic defrosting: ARX-085, ARX-143

All models of Arctic refrigerators consume no more than 0.69 kW / 24 hours and belong to the energy-saving class A +.

Answer: Yes, among the range of ARCTIC models there are small models, such as ARCTIC ARK-085 with a total volume of 84l and weighing only 19kg.

Good. Yes, we recommend paying attention to ARX-085, ARX-143 models

Air conditioners

The outdoor unit is strongly recommended to be installed in open space so that the heat exchanger is cooled down well. On a glazed balcony the installation is possible only provided that there is good ventilation and in front of the external block will always open the window. Otherwise, such operation is dangerous or leads to overheating of the external unit.

You can choose the performance of the air conditioner, which is calculated on the total volume of two rooms, but the full second room will not be cooled. To solve this problem, you can install a fan in the doorway so that it crashes cold air into the second room faster.

If the temperature outside the board is not lower than -5 ° С

Warranty and Post-Guaranteed

All ARCTIC appliances have warranty and post-warranty service at official service centers located in Ukraine. List and addresses of services can be found on our website or in the warranty card.
In order to use the free warranty service, please keep a guarantee card with the following: model of the equipment,serial number, warranty period and date of purchase.